For the Love of Books | 07/04/16

I didn’t post a round up last week because I had more important things to do. Like being sick. Woo!

This week I’m back with more bookish news, discoveries AND a snazzy new feature that I’m going to include in this post every week: my Bookish Photo of the Week. Aren’t I good?!

Enjoy, my little House Elves.

Bookish Photo of the Week


Little Library Cafe

My discovery of the week! If there’s one thing I love nearly as much as reading, it’s cooking. Combine books, food and photography and you’ve got yourself as near to perfect a website as you’re ever gonna get, y’all.


If Middle Aged Harry Potter had Instagram (via Buzzfeed Books)

This might be my favourite Buzzfeed post EVER.

The Big Friendly Giant gets a new Big Friendly Trailer

Oh my oompah loompah. IT’S SO PRETTY. The visual effects look like they’re going to be magical, I can’t wait to see this on the big screen and be amazed like the little kid that I (not so) secretly am.

 Abridged Classics

Picture: John Atkinson

I’m totally a fan of these cartoons from John Atkinson, which are basically classic novels for the 140-character generation, because ain’t nobody got time for War and Peace. Or maybe I’m just lazy. Thoughts?

I’ve booked tickets to YALC!

Yep, I know that this is not strictly news. But, it is very bloody exciting! If anyone else is planning on going to Young Adult Literature Con in London, drop me a comment and we can geek out. 🙂

Let the weekend commence!


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