For The Love Of Books | 22/04/16

Bookshelves & Biros Picture of the Week

I don’t know if this is real but either way it’s the best thing I’ve seen this week.

Bookshelves & Biros Round Up

Melvin Burgess Award


UKYA author Melvin Burgess has been honoured with a special award to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his seminal teen drug novel, Junk, by the YA Book Prize. Even if Junk didn’t live up to my exceedingly high expectations (my own fault), I found this interview super interesting.

Penguin have their own YA Book Club AND a teen website with YA news and articles

Did you guys know this?! I didn’t know this. But to be fair, I’m probably getting old and behind the times. Anyway, they’re literally chock full of awesome stuff for readers and bloggers. Check them out yo.


After plunging head first into my first #ukya chat last week and absolutely loving it, I discovered the equally wonderful #FeminisminYA chat on Twitter. It’s so awesome to be able to connect with a whole community of people from all over the world about the things that you love in real time (even if it is bloody hard to keep up with).

Free chapter of Chasing The Stars


FREE STUFF KLAXON. If there’s one thing I love more than Malorie Blackman, it’s free Malorie Blackman. Her new novel, Chasing The Stars, is a re-telling of Othello and its set in space. Cool af.

Added to the Bookshelves & Biros Wishlist

FairyLoot Monthly Subscription Box

I’ve wanted to grab myself a book subscription box for ages, but lots of the really good ones seem to be based in the States and the postage is just URGH. After a bit of Twitter pleading, I found FairyLoot which looks a-amazing and is UK based. Will totally be getting myself the May box when I’ve been paid.

The Sticker Alley Stickers


Cutest. Bookmarks. EVER.

What have you all been reading/laughing at/lusting over this week? Let me know!



6 thoughts on “For The Love Of Books | 22/04/16

  1. Oooh a UK book subscription box?!?! I’ve tried the Willoughby Book Club (which basically is the only one we have here, amirite?) and it’s good but you literally just get a book and that’s it. When I see OwlCrate and all these other cool ones where you get bookmarks and stuff I want to cry… will defo have a look at Fairyloot!

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