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The Little Mermaid

A character who is out of their element, a fish out of water.


Totally has to be Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments. He’s a fish out of water to begin with as a mundane, and then he’s also a fish out of water when he becomes a vamp. Poor lad didn’t have it easy in the beginning, did he?


A character who goes through a major transformation.


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I think I’m going to go with Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games series for this one! She started off in the first book as a little kid who needed protecting by Katniss and Gale, but as the story progresses she becomes a tough little cookie. An independent and quietly thoughtful character, she’s one of the unsung heroes of the trilogy for me.

Snow White

A book with an eclectic cast of characters.


It has to be A Series of Unfortunate Events. I love the weird and wonderful characters that Lemony Snicket came up with throughout the series, some were funny, some were macabre and some were a mix of both. Uncle Monty is a particular favourite of mine, especially when played in movie form by the incredible Billy Connolly.

Sleeping Beauty

A book that put you to sleep.

I recently read an ARC by Lorie Langdon called Gilt Hollow. It was a struggle to get through. The plot and the characters just didn’t hook me at all, which was a bit rubbish as I’ve been looking for a good YA thriller.

The Lion King

A character that had something traumatic happen to them in childhood.


Emma Carstairs from Lady Midnight had a an absolute sucker of an adolescence. Hormones, shadowhunting and then your parents get murdered? Nah.


A character that gets their wish granted, for better or worse.


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Edmund Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Edmund wishes for power, attention and glory and he almost gets it from the White Witch, before seriously coming to regret his decision when he winds up in the creepy snow palace. Moral of the story: Don’t sell out your siblings and accept Turkish Delight from odd looking strangers.


A character who pretends to be something or someone their not.


I’m going to throw a bit of a curve ball here and plump for one of my favourite childhood characters: Tracy Beaker from The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson. Tracy is a wise-cracking, tough, practical joker who pretends that her Mum is a glam movie star and who adults think has ‘behavioural problems’. Tracy is all mouth and destruction on the surface, but actually all she wants is to be wanted by a parent, and to find her place in a family.

Toy Story

A book with characters you wish would come to life.


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OBVIOUSLY HARRY POTTER. Though not Umbridge, she can absolutely stay on the pages where she belongs with her many, many cat plates and candyfloss power suits.

Disney Descendants

Your favourite Villain or morally ambiguous character.

They’re not a villain as such, but one of the best and most interesting morally ambiguous characters that I’ve recently had the pleasure of coming across is 1017 from Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking Trilogy. He was never really hero or villain, but he was complex and unique and ambiguous and I loved reading about him. Also, can someone please tell me what the hell ‘Disney Descendants’ is?!

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  1. I agree with you on Simon, he was a little bit of a misfit in the first chunk of the series and just for that, he’s been one of my favorites.
    And yes of Primrose, Edmund AND HARRY POTTER! I actually agree with most of your answers haha!

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