What It’s Like To Be Emotionally Attached To A Blogger

Blogging is a pretty all consuming hobby. For some of us, it’s something we do to relieve stress and let off steam, for others it’s an extension and celebration of our reading, but for all of us (and we can’t deny it) it takes up a lot of time.

Buying books, reading them, rating them, putting your incoherent thoughts into words on a screen, editing and proof reading those posts, promoting your blog on social media, getting involved in discussions and blogging features and weekly memes, replying to kind comments, keeping up with other amazing blogs, generating fresh content and making graphics all takes time, effort and sometimes, a lotta lotta caffeine.

It also occasionally takes a lot of patience from the people who love us, who I have henceforth christened Blogging Widow(ers). Here are the reasons that these long suffering people deserve the last Rolo:

They become sporadic proof readers and second opinion givers, even if they do not have the slightest clue what an OTP is.

You constantly recommended your latest book crush to them, even if they only read books about rugby players and will never care about finding out if Blue and Gansey can ever kiss.

They have to come to understand that the book version will trump the movie version for you, every time. Nope, there’s no point in debating it.

They have to deal with the fact that their houses and possibly even cars will become overrun with piles of books that they ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH FOR ANY REASON.

They help us to put up seemingly ever bigger and more complicated flat pack bookcases, because I we put the shelves on back to front and use makeshift hammers if we do it, which is both annoying and a health and safety hazard (apparently).

They spend an inordinate amount of time being dragged into Waterstones, dying of boredom while you take two hours puzzle out if you’d rather have the latest Holly Bourne or Patrick Ness.

They try their hardest to understand the mood swings that come from not being able to articulate exactly why that book you just read was so completely awesome.

Equally, they have to cope with the despair that comes from you accidentally deleting a really tip top draft of your latest review.

They (try to) understand that nothing will ever be dearer to your heart than Harry Potter.

But most importantly, they still love you, even though you are a nerd who gets angry about the lack of coverage of children’s books in the media and clogs up their Twitter feed with #UKYAChat every Friday.

This post was inspired by my boyfriend; a long-suffering widower to my blog and Harry Potter, tip top Waterstones bag carrier and putter together of flatpack. You da bomb.



18 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be Emotionally Attached To A Blogger

  1. I feel my parents have passed all these stages and just accept it now when I come home with bags of books I brought from Waterstones, or when I drag them on an hours drive to Ikea because I need a new bookshelf (although that one won’t happen again, I’ve run out of room in my room for bookshelves now) However I am luckily enough to have a couple of friends who have the same enthusiasm for books that I do, so I can alwats fangirl with them when I need to! 😀
    Great post!

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    • Hahahaha! My Mum accepted it a long time but my boyfriend definitely struggles sometimes, bless him. Especially when I get caught up in writing for like four hours and forget to text him back lol! That’s awesome – everyone needs some fangirls to be friends with! 😀 Thank you so much! x

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      • Oh it could be worse, I once went about two months before replying to someone’s text message to me. I felt like such a bad friend but honestly I just completely forgot she’s sent me a text in the first place!
        Yeah fangirls are the best! 🙂

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