The Wine Book Tag

Hello, folks! What better way to round the festive season off than with a book tag about wine, I ask? There probably isn’t one. Grab your favourite tipple and join me as I attempt to pair my favourite books with a glass of the good stuff.

Oh, and thanks to the always-lovely Beth at Reading Every Night for tagging me. Head over and check out her blog if you haven’t already, she’s a little wonder.

Box Wine:
A book that people will judge you for liking but you like it anyway.

Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

It upsets me that people still judge other people for the books that they like to read. If you have constructive criticism, that’s great. Chuck it in a comment at the end of a review and we can have an interesting, respectful discussion about it, but otherwise, just no. Hear me? No.

Sorry, had to get that one out of my system. ANYWAY. Despite the popularity of these books, I still think there’s a lot of judging in the bookish community about the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, especially in regards to how it has progressed and the choices the author has made with where to take her characters. I’m big enough to admit there are problems with aspects of the characterisation and lack of diversity, but I can’t deny that Maas is a storyteller of the highest order and I bloody love her deliciously devious plotting.


Organic Wine:
A book that doesn’t have any added crap in it and is just written perfectly.

Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness

The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness is everything a good dystopia series could ever wish to be and more. The writing is achingly beautiful in its simplicity, the plotting sublime, the world-building engaging and the development of the characters is achingly poignant. You won’t find much better, trust me.


A really spicy, wintry read.

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Maybe it’s something to do with the Eastern European-inspired setting, or maybe it’s just the Darkling, but the Grisha trilogy makes me think of wintry landscapes, dark magic and even darker intentions. Plus, it’s got plenty to recommend it as juicy. If you fancy injecting some romance, elemental magic and battles between morality and power into your reading in 2017, then this is the fantasy YA series for you.


Sauvignon Blanc:
A really sharp and aggressive read that you couldn’t put down.

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) by Sarah J. Maas

I’m not sure exactly what constitutes an aggressive read, but if anything book could be described as aggressive it’s Queen of Shadows. The fourth book in the Throne of Glass series, things start to take a really dark and dangerous turn for Celaena and her friends. It’s enthralling, seductive, at times very violent and darkly compelling.


Pinot Noir:
A book you didn’t expect much from but ended up getting blown away.

The Deviants by C.J. Skuse

It wasn’t that I didn’t expect anything from this book, but more that I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never read a C.J. Skuse book prior to requesting this ARC, but I know for sure that I’ll be seeking out the rest of her books in the future. This was one of the very best books I read in 2017.


A good summer read that was super-zesty.

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I’ll Give You The Sun is a perfect summer read, featuring tingly romance, beautifully realised characters, wonderfully emotive writing and just the right amount of angst. Take it on holiday and absorb it on a gorgeously sandy beach, escape from the real world on a summer afternoon in the park or devour it in the garden with a chilled glass of wine in hand. It’ll be glorious. You’ll cry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


A book that has a little bit of everything in it.

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

You want vampires? Sweet, we have them. Mortal peril and an epic battle between good versus evil? Sure, there’s plenty of that. Forbidden romance and more couples to ship than you can shake a Stele at? Absolutely. Paranormal elements, full-throttle action scenes, magic and mystery? Check, check, check. I know not everyone is a fan of the Cassie Clare empire, but it has to be said that Mortal is pretty all-encompassing and DAMN if it isn’t one of the most fun book series around.

city of bones cover

A full-bodied book that is dark and juicy.

13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough

This book is literally everything I look for in a YA thriller and ‘dark and juicy’ is the perfect description of both the characters and the plotting. If you’re looking for a thriller for the young adult market that more than holds its own in the adult market, this is the one.


A smooth easy read with a soft finish.

How Hard Can Love Be? (The Spinster Club #2) by Holly Bourne

I wouldn’t say that this is an ‘easy read’, but it was one with a satisfyigly cute ending. It made me laugh out loud with wonderfully witty writing, expertly judged Harry Potter references and utterly realistic dialogue. It’s no secret that I love Holly Bourne and out of all of the Spinster Club books, this was probably the most easily digestible and fluffy read, perfectly balancing the other two books in the series.


Your favourite book.

Is there anything on earth that I hate with as much venom as I hate this bloody question? No. No there is not. I am taking a stand and refusing to answer it, because it’s like choosing between all of my perfect (admittedly unborn) children. *pokes tongue out*



I tag:

Have fun and Happy New Year!


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41 thoughts on “The Wine Book Tag

  1. I love your picks, Sammie! I had my issues with ToG, but damn if I wasn’t entertained haha. I really need to get going on that series, especially since so many people seem to love the 4th book. I think January might be my Sarah J. Maas binge month LOL. You’re right on point with the Mortal Instruments. That series DOES have everything. All things fantasy, that book pretty much has it…except for dragons. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up one day. I think I might revisit the series before Lord of Shadows comes out 😀 And YAS to the Darkling and the Grisha trilogy ❤


    • Thank you! Haha – that’s exactly my thoughts on the subject. ToG is actually the book I liked the least out of the series (I found it a bit slow) but I just have no time for the whole ‘taking books and authors down’ thing. Opinions are cool and very welcome, insults and judging people…not so cool. Haha in that case you’ll have an amazing month – great way to keep the January blues at bay FOR SURE. It does, doesn’t it? Haha – you never know…now you’ve said that we’ll probably end up with a dragon in Lord of Shadows – I wouldn’t put it past Clare anyway haha. YAS! Gotta love a bit of the Darkling. I need to get around to reading Ruin and Rising! ❤

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      • I’m really disappointed in readers that insult or harshly criticize authors. I usually try to focus on the strengths in their works. It seems ToG is either a hit or miss for Maas’s readers, but the following books are said to be great improvements on the first. So I’m definitely looking forward to my ToG binge haha. And I would LOVE Clare for all time if she included dragons in LoS. My life would be complete haha. And me, too! I read Siege and Storm a while back, but I haven’t gotten around to finishing the trilogy! I need me some more of the Darkling 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know what you mean – it’s always better to be constructive as opposed to outright bashing someone. Unless the work is truly coming from a place of hate or prejudice, then all it achieves is dragging everyone down. It’s all a bit depressing sometimes! Haha I hope you love it! I binged them all soooo quickly and didn’t know which way was up when I finished lol. Hahaha can you imagine?! I definitely think she could shoehorn some in. Me too! I still haven’t finished it either. I’m headfirst into GoT at the moment, so god knows when I’ll get round to anything else! 😱

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh man, good luck with GoT!! Those books are huge haha. I’ve been meaning to read them, but I think I might save them for the summer! Unless, of course, you’re talking about the show…..Because if that’s the case, I’ll see you when I see you. That show is addictive LOL XD

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      • Thank you! I FINALLY FINISHED IT YESTERDAY. God I was so pleased. I read it so slowly in comparison to everything else, even though I liked it. I think I’ll take a page out of your book (haha excuse the pun) and save the next one for holiday. Oh man, I’ve already binge watched the whole show. It was life. LIFE.

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      • Oh wow! Congrats on making it through LOL. I hear it’s a grueling journey, but worth it in the end. Hope to see your thoughts on it! Love the pun haha, and I think that’s a good idea 😉 I’ve still got a couple of seasons to catch up on, but I’m saving it for holiday so I don’t get distracted and forget to do my homework 😂. It’s too good for me to watch one show here and there. I must BINGE.

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      • Thank you! I was proud of myself haha! Definitely waiting for my holiday to read book 2 – I can’t get anything else or any other reading done otherwise! Haha I don’t blame you – I wouldn’t be able to watch it if I was still studying because I have an addictive personality and it would have defintiely taken over my whole life lol. AGREE.

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      • Man, I can’t wait to graduate university. I’ve had no time to read, blog, or even watch my shows as much as I would like to 😦 Just a few more months until I go on an unapologetic summer binge of reading and watching LOL

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      • It’s going fine! Just really tiring though. I have ballroom class and drawing this semester, so that’s a plus 😀 Also, I wrote a new story for one of my classes! I’ll be sharing it a bit later in a series of posts. And I will be, won’t I??? At least I wont have homework LOL. OOOH yaaas. Can’t wait for that! 😀

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      • I do! And I don’t know about that haha I do love my artsy stuff though 😉 And hopefully I can get my life together enough to get those posts out haha. I can’t wait to not miss the late night study sessions. Definitely something to look forward to XD ❤


  2. Ahh I know what you mean about TOG- so many people dislike it quite vehemently- I actually took a breath before I read what you’d said about it cos I was thinking you might be about to gripe about it too- but glad you’re a fan! It’s a really fun series!! And Shadow and Bone is a great book for winter!

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      • Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig and The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight, but I’ve only downloaded samples so far! I like what I’ve read of both so far though. Any recommendations for anxiety stuff? 🙂 YES! Oh my god I am loving it. I’m only about 300 pages in but it’s a lot easier to read than I thought, despite the insane levels of detail. I think watching the show first has made it easier because I have a grasp on the world/characters – I think I’d be struggling a bit if I hadn’t. Any plans to read book 2? 🙂

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      • Ooh, I read Reasons to Stay Alive last year. It was a wonderful book. I wouldn’t say it had much self help in it, but it helped me in the sense that I related to so many of his experiences, and found that really comforting. I desperately want to read The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k. I keep seeing it in the shops, and it’s definitely calling to me. Hmm recommendations… well I’m currently making my way through Frazzled by Ruby Wax, which is a book about mindfulness, written in a really down to earth and funny way because it’s Ruby Wax! I also read a book called How to Master Anxiety (I can’t remember the name of the author off the top of my head) which was good because it was all scientifically proven advice. One I would suggest avoiding is Feel the Fear and do it Anyway – it was a dreadful book, and very unhelpful! Totally agree on Game of Thrones – once you get into it, it’s a lot easier than you might expect to read. It’s intimidating that that is the shortest book in the series though! I’ve not watched the show beyond the first three episodes – does it stick quite closely to the book? I hopefully will read book 2 sometime this year, although I think I’ll have to re-read the first one because I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff haha!

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      • Hmmm that sounds really interesting! I’ve heard great things so I’d definitely like to give it a go.

        I read the first couple of chapters as a sample and I really liked what I read! The tone was really funny, which I liked. 😁 Oh yeah – I remember seeing something you wrote about that, maybe on GR? I’ll defo steer clear of that one based on what you’ve said!

        Haha yeah that’s super intimidating, especially because I’ve only just finished the first one! It took soooo long. 😱😱 Actually yes! There are a few very minor differences but the first series is very true to the book in terms of plot, which also made it easier for me to keep up with the book! Haha I’m not surprised – they are so ridiculously detailed!


  3. Great picks for this tag Sammie, I loved reading your answers for it! I agree with you on the whole judging people for what they read. If someone hates the books I love I never really mind, I say this a lot but we can’t all like the same books and life would be really boring if we did. I’d never judge someone for a book they liked/didn’t but I reckon it does happen. I’ve seen some nasty comments on Goodreads from people judging others who’ve hated books they’ve loved, and I’ve heard bad things about Twitter as well!
    I loved the Grisha series and now you mentioned it it’s a perfect winter book, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner! I’ll Give You the Sun is one of my favourite contemporaries, definitely an amazing summer read, and I really need to start the City of Bones series soon as well! 😀

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    • Thanks, Beth! Exactly. It would be SO SO boring. It’s why I never get involved in all the mud slinging about certain books and authors on Twitter (you’re right – it’s SO bad) and GR, even if I really love or really hate the book in question. Opinions are fine (and welcome!) but takedowns are just upsetting. Haha! To me, Russian setting = snow. That’s apparently just how my brain works, lol. Ooooh have you not read The Mortal Instruments?! I can’t wait to hear what you think of those books when you read them! That was like my ‘gateway’ series into YA fantasy. 🙂 They do get better as the series continues, though!

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      • That’s all right. Yeah it’s why I’m so glad WordPress is relatively drama-free, well I certainly haven’t seen any drama. I’ve seen some really horrible comments on GR, haven’t really delved into the bookish side of Twitter yet but maybe soon.
        No that’s how my brain works as well. For me snow is always just associated with winter and of course winter is associated with Christmas! 😀
        Not yet. I read the first three ages ago and then never picked any of the others up and now I’ve forgotten most of the first three. I brought Lady Midnight when it was released so that’s my motivation for getting to the rest of TMI books this year at least! 😀

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      • WordPress is definitely drama-free in comparison with GR and especially Twitter! Rarely a day goes by when there isn’t some kind of drama and shade being thrown on book Twitter. A lot of it I agree with in theory, it’s just the sentiment is very negative/attacking sometimes which isn’t always the right way to approach things. Hey ho!

        Haha yes! The very best thing about the winter months, obviously. 🙂 Ooooh that’s exciting! Lady Midnight is really good and actually has great representation in it, which I think is brilliant. I hope you enjoy them if you start reading them again! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well I guess it’s good I’m on the drama-free site rather than the more drama-filled ones! 😀 I don’t tend to have patience for all that.
        You can disagree with someone without getting offensive about it, like you said there’s always a right way to approach someone so I don’t know why most people choose the wrong way.
        I hope so too, they’re all on my to-read list for 2017 but it will take me quite a while to get through them all and work my way up to Lady Midnight! 😀


    • You are very welcome! 🙂 Yay that’s exciting – I wish I had the time to read them again, I feel like there’s so much more I could pick up in them second time around because they’re so detailed. I hope you love them! Happy New Year to you too – I hope you have a great start to 2017. ❤

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  4. Thank you so much for tagging me! This is perfect because I’m a wino :3

    I comepletely agree with Shadow and Bone! It is the perfect wintery read! I need to get on and finish the series!! Also added 13 minutes to my TBR. That book sounds fantastic!

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  5. I agree with the ToG series! It devastates me how much that this series is so shamed upon BUT I WILL CARRY ON LOVING ANYWAY. I get there are problems and I understand why people don’t like issues and parts of it but the amount of negativity shoved onto the person reading isn’t a good way to sort things out (and storytelling wise, SJM is amazing!). loved your pick for wintery read! I didn’t consider it completely until you said it and AHH, it really is perfect! AND ILL GIVE YOU THE SUN! ❤ That last question though LET US SPEAR IT DOWN. NEVER WILL I EVER AGAIN.


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