September Wrap-up & October TBR

How about some cliché to brighten up your week? Here goes: I literally feel like I was sat at my laptop writing out my August wrap-up about three days ago. Where the hell has September disappeared to?!

Right now that’s out of the way, we can get on with the post!

I’m actually pretty happy that September is over, because I had an absolutely terrible reading month by my (admittedly very high) standards and now the initial frenzy of house moving is over I can get back to what really matters: reading, reading, hibernation from the cold and reading. Oh, and candles!

What I read in September:

5 Star Reads

4 Star Reads

3.5 Star Reads

Currently Reading:

I’m currently reading three books, including ARCs of Dear Charlie by N.D. Gomes (good so far, would recommend) and Stealing Snow by Danielle Page of Dorothy Must Die fame (terrible, would not recommend even as a doorstop). Heir of Fire, the third instalment in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series is great so far though, so that mostly makes up for the utter drivel masquerading as a retelling of The Snow Queen.

October TBR (To Be Read):

I’ll also let you into a secret – I failed miserably at keeping to my September TBR, just like I do with all TBR lists I’ve ever written for myself. What can I say? I’m unpredictable. Or something. This means I still need to read Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, which I pinky promise I’ll try to get around to this month.

I picked up a copy of Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo on a trip to town last weekend and it didn’t even cost me a penny because Waterstones loyalty cards are the BOMB. If you’re based in the UK and you don’t have one yet then you need to get on it! I’ve heard such great things about Bardugo’s books and I can’t wait to peel back the cover on this pretty little thing.

I also won a giveaway on Twitter a few weeks ago and ended up with a few horror books! I love creepy things, but I’ve read virtually no YA horror books, so I’m super excited to see if Alex Bell’s Frozen Charlotte is as creepy as people are saying it is. The cover is certainly giving me the heebie-jeebies. I think considering the month, I’ll save it to read over Halloween!

Now, if you’ll excuse me…*Grabs all things Pumpkin Spice and The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack*


What are you guys gonna be stacking your bookshelves with this month? I’d love to know! Tell me alllllll in the comments.


Header photo by Corey Blaz via Unsplash


Summer Holiday TBR

I’m forgoing my normal Friday round up post because I’m going on holiday tomorrow (YAAAAS) and I want to share my summer holiday reading list with you!


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So y’know a while back I wrote about the issues that I have with deciding which books to take on holiday with me? Yeah, well, my significant other doesn’t believe that we need an extra case for books (he ain’t Will Herondale, this one) so I’ve narrowed it down to the list below. This could probably be classed as a little excessive (especially because I also have Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe downloaded on my phone) but hey, a book blogger has gotta do what a book blogger has gotta do, right?

All cover pictures are linked to the book’s Goodreads page. Just so ya know.

The Wrath and The Dawn, Renee Ahdieh


I. JUST. CAN’T. WAIT. TO. READ. THIS. No other words necessary.

The Art of Being Normal, Lisa Williamson


As with lots of other popular YA books, I’ve been waiting for the hype to die down before reading this because I really don’t want to feel let down. Saying that, I’ve only heard good stuff, and I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about a transgender character, so I’m expecting an awesome read and to learn a thing or two! I also chose this because hopefully it’ll be a nice contemporary to break up some of the other darker books that I’m bringing with me. It is a holiday after all, innit?

An Ember in The Ashes, Sabaa Taahir


I’m totally taken in by the ancient Roman setting of this book, and I really, really hope that it lives up to the fab reviews that I’ve read! This is the only book that I’m taking in my hand luggage (ooo, gamble) because it seems like a pretty complex world and being on the plane will give me some time to fully absorb the detail. I’m hoping it’ll keep me more than occupied on the four hour flight! (Pls, because I really don’t want to turn to the vodka, but I will if pushed).

Tiger Lily, Jodi Lynn Anderson


I’d actually never heard of this book until I read a review that popped up in my Goodreads feed. I absolutely love Peter Pan, and I think Neverland and Barrie’s characters lend themselves perfectly to a darker, more evocative retelling. I’m also really, really curious to read a story set from Tiger Lily’s perspective, who is only really a fringe character in Pan.

A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness


I think I’m going to read this towards the beginning of my holiday, because based on the blurb, reviews and the movie trailer, I just KNOW that I’m going to cry. I think reading this when I’m due to come home would probably result in my tying myself to a deck chair and ripping up my plane ticket.

What do you guys make of my holiday reading list? What would be your ideal summer book haul? Let me know errrrrythang in the comments!



TBR | March 2016

Last month I left my job and my colleagues (aka the best people in the world to me right now) got me the most bloody brilliant leaving present: a £50 Waterstones voucher. You, as my fellow book nerds, will know that this is pretty much the equivalent of catching the golden snitch in a grudge match against Slytherin. There is no happier feeling than the one you get standing in your favourite bookshop with money to burn.


Here’s my March haul:

  • Junk by Melvin Burgess
  • All The Rage by Courtney Summers
  • I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • The Ask and The Answer (Chaos Walking #2) by Patrick Ness
  • Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking #3) by Patrick Ness
  • 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto

So it’s currently the 2nd of March and I’ve already read the Ask and The Answer, and I’m very nearly finished with Monsters of Men. Oops. They’re so compelling that I just can’t put them down. I know I’m going to have the biggest book hangover ever when I finally finish (so much so that I’m putting it off – please don’t leave me yet Todd and Viola!) If anyone has any recommendations to fill the YA series shaped hole in my life they will be gratefully received!

I’m so excited about this haul that I have literally no idea what to pick up next. ‘Junk’ has been on my list of books to read for about a billion years, but I’ve heard such great things about all of the others that I’m getting really indecisive. Maybe I’ll toss a coin.


Unusually for me, I also spent some of my voucher on a book that I can’t technically read…for Christmas my sister bought me a ‘Listography’ book, which has kind of spawned a mini-obsession with journals, notepads and things that I can generally use to ramble and scribble in. The cheeky little number right at the top of the pile above is an absolute gem for those of us that are trying to sharpen our writing skills or just relax through putting pen to paper. It’s kind of like a mindfulness colouring book for bloggers, and I bloody love cracking it open (alongside a bottle of wine) when I’ve had a less than fun day.

And that’s it! What are you lovely lot reading this month?