Rating System

I rate each of the books that I read (whether ARC or otherwise) out of five. I always consider the following when writing reviews: characters, plot, writing, structure, pacing and FEELS (also known as emotional impact).

For y’all who want an explanation of my ratings:


THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. I love near enough everything about it and I will recommend it far and wide.


This was a pretty great reading experience and I’m likely to recommend it to people who I think will love it.


This was an enjoyable read, but there were some minor problems with characters, plot, pacing or writing.

1 and 2 star books don’t get actual stars. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because I don’t feel like there’s much point.

2- This book wasn’t for me. It wasn’t an enjoyable reading experience and there were probably some issues with characters, plot, pacing or writing.

1 – I didn’t finish (DNF) this book.

I’ve never rated a book with a 0 and I hope that I never do, but I’ll reserve it for anything I find especially offensive, hateful or completely irredeemable.